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11 Free WooCommerce Themes to Excel in Your Ecommerce Venture


What is it that your eyes are drawn to, whenever you go to your favorite shopping mall? Well, for almost all of us, it’s the presentation; the way something is wrapped and showcased around.

Same is the case when you shop in virtual world. No matter how valuable something is, if it’s not showcased in a way that it grabs people’s attention, it’s least likely to succeed in sales.

This becomes even truer when competition is as fierce as it is in contemporary ecommerce industry. According to InternetRetailer, the total number of ecommerce stores on internet lies somewhere between 12-24 million. Sure, this is quite intriguing, but what’s even more is the fact that out of those millions of ecommerce sites, only 3% of them (i.e. 650,000) are able to net more than $1000 in annual sales.

That’s what compels me to come up with these 11 free WooCommerce themes to help you get the most out of your ecommerce venture on WooCommerce, making sure your customers are able to get a truly satisfying online shopping experience with you.

The best part is that you don’t have to pay your hard earned cash in incorporating a professional yet aesthetic look to your e-store; you can download and use all these WooCommerce themes for free.

AccessPress Store

accesspress store theme

Packed with endless features, offering innumerable customization options, AccessPress Store is what a contemporary WooCommerce theme looks like. With the flexibility and maneuverability this theme offers, you can turn your ecommerce shop into an attractive and user friendly online shopping resort. One of the best things about this modern WooCommerce theme is that it is built on customizer, which means you can preview your store design live while you are customizing it. If it looks fine to you, you may carry on; otherwise, you can undo the changes and do whatever you want.


wootique theme

One thing is for sure, a professional looking website grabs more attention from visitors. WooCommerce being an open source platform, offers you many such themes for incorporating this kind of trustworthy look to your site, but most of them aren’t available for free. However, Wootique is one great theme that enables you to transform your site into a professional looking one without charging you a dime, thanks to so many of resourceful shortcodes and widgets that are part and parcel of this wonderful theme.


Activello theme

Elegance is the true virtue of minimalism when it comes to website design and layout, and that’s what makes Activello such an adorable theme for WooCommerce based online shops. Though you might find many other minimal WooCommerce themes out there, but what’s special about Activello is that its minimalism doesn’t compromise its practicality and convenience, turning your ecommerce experience into a superb one without having to pay hefty amounts for it.


Artificer theme

Less is more, right? Even if you didn’t believe it earlier, Artificer will make you believe firmly into this with its simplicity and uniqueness. The best thing about Artificer is that you get a neat, clean and unique website layout with matchless ease and confidence. No other theme combines the goodness of WordPress and WooCommerce together as fabulously as this one, which takes care of you as well as your customers, most importantly without squeezing anything out of your wallet.



Shapely is your free opportunity to come up with a simple yet innovative ecommerce store on WooCommerce with absolute convenience. You don’t have to be an expert coder to tweak and personalize the look and feel of your website with Shapely. Anything from changing color palettes to adding images or replacing footer text can be done effortlessly with it.

Emmet – Lite

Emmet Lite

If you want to have a neat, clean and professionally designed responsive theme for your ecommerce store, Emmet-Lite is your way to go. It suffices well for your corporate and portfolio websites. Not only is it known for its high degree responsiveness, but for its compatibility with various major WordPress plugins such as Buddy Press, bbPress and many others.



Everybody wants a website that looks neat and clean in addition to being lightweight and attractive, especially when you are trying to compete with an infinite number of competitors online. So, what you do when you are faced with such a challenge? Nothing more than resorting to one of the best WooCommerce themes WordPress has to offer, i.e. E-commerce. It will not only amaze you with its sleek and user friendly design features, but you will also get the best of SEO features and cross-browser compatibility. It surely deserves a try if you want to enjoy your stay on WordPress platform.



Looking to get hands on a WooCommerce theme, which is not only spacious and elegant, but also contemporary enough? You better try out Fruitful then, which is a free WooCommerce theme to take best care of your ecommerce website. Its neat minimal design helps your website stand out from the crowd elegantly, while its light weight makes sure it loads and functions quickly enough to keep your visitors happy and satisfied. Don’t be fooled with its simple looks, it’s fully loaded with powerful features to help you customize your e-shop the way you want.



Present day visitors have gone quite diverse in ways they choose to land on to your website, which can vary quite frequently from conventional desktops to latest smartphones and tablets. If you want to make sure your site caters to all of them effortlessly, iTek can surely help you with that. In fact, responsiveness is just one of its many features; there are plenty more to impress your visitors, such as the Parallax header effect.

Klasik Framework


You can carry out your online business on WordPress even if you don’t consider yourself web savvy enough. How? By resorting to Klasik Framework WooCommerce theme; also referred as starter theme. It is totally ready-to-use, requiring nothing more of you than uploading images of the products on your site through it, and you will have a modern looking ecommerce store to go with. You will not have to worry about anything from SEO to responsiveness; it is going to take care of all such things for you by itself.


Free WooCommerce Themes

It might sound unlikely, but the fact is that Seller can help you with having a fully functional ecommerce store without paying anything for it. In fact, it is packed with so many powerful features that it becomes hard to differentiate it from certain premium WooCommerce themes. Cross-browser compatibility, responsiveness, user friendliness, SEO compatibility, there’s nothing it misses on.


Khawar Zaman is a seasoned ecommerce consultant with more than a decade of industry experience. He co-owns Technorian, a setup that specializes in WooCommerce, Magento and WordPress support services alongside dedicated development services. Check out my free eBook of 25 ecommerce conversion hacks.