WooCommerce LightBox PRO

A clean & smart product quick view popup plugin for WooCommerce.

WooCommerce Lightbox Pro

WooCommerce LightBox PRO is a clean & smart product quick view popup plugin for WooCommerce. It will add a quick view light box popup in WooCommerce site.

Plugin Features:

  • Responsive Product quick view popup.
  • Product image , title, price, quantity and add to cart button will be shown on popup .
  • No need any settings.
  • Work with all WordPress theme.
  • Easy to use.
  • Developer friendly & easy to customize.
  • Powered by Magnific Popup

PRO Version Features:

  • Two different layouts ( Left-Right & Top-Bottom ) for popup.
  • Option for choosing popup contents.
  • Option for choosing quick view button position.
  • Product image gallery, rating, meta support in popup.
  • Product images and price change with the product variation in LightBox (New).
  • Quick View button style settings.
  • Quick View popup style settings.
  • Quick View LightBox image gallery image popup. New
  • Quick View LightBox button shortcode. It can show the LightBox button any where in the site. Like middle of the page content, sidebar or in a post etc.New
  • Essential Grid and others 3rd party grid plugin support. New Just call this function inside the loop where you want to show the LightBox button. get_wpb_woocommerce_lightbox(get_the_id())
  • Option for open popup on click product image and title. New
  • Ajax Quick View system. Can be enable/disable form settings. New


Video Tutorial:

WooCommerce LightBox PRO Video Documentation

WooCommerce LightBox PRO Changelog

Initial Release

# Added new feature, Open popup on click the product image & title. Option for disabling the quick view button.

# Added ajax support for quick view popup. Option for enabling/disabling the ajax quick view.

# Added new feature, long description of a product can be added to the QuickView with characters limit and read more link.

# Relative product small problem fixed.

# New feature added, now shipping information can be shown in the LightBox popup.

# Lightbox content area shortcode support added. Visual Composer will also work.
# WooCommerce Product Slider/Carousel/Grid plugin\'s support added. Now our lightbox will work with this plugin.

# Small bug fixed.

# Small bug fixed.

# New Feature added. Lightbox button shortcode added.

# Small bug fixed.

# Cart page lightbox support added.

# New feature added for linking the lightbox images to the product details page.

# New feature added for disabling the QuickView icon on mobile.

# Small bug fixed.

# Product LightBox product variation support added.

# Some feature added.

# Small bug fixed.

# Small bug fixed.

# Small bug fixed.

# Added licensing system.

# Added a new feature in the settings for disabling the quick view effect.

# Small bug fixed.

# Small bug fixed.

# Small bug fixed.

# YITH WooCommerce name your price support added

# New product gallery images popup added

# Small issue fixed for essential grid plugin support.

# A function has updated.

# WooCommerce 3.0+ compatibility.

# Small issue fixed.

# Visual Composer support added for lightbox content support.

# WooCommerce 3.2.5 support adeed.

# WooCommerce 3.3.1 support added.

# WooCommerce 3.4.0 support added.

# Multisite support added.


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Quick View General Settings

WooCommerce Lightbox PRO is well known for it's option settings. The product quick view lightbox can be highly customize form it's setting panel.
Form general settings you can set quick view layout, contents form quick view popup, location to fire the hook for quick view button, quick view button text etc.

Quick View Button Style Settings

Quick View Button Style Settings will allow you to customize the product quick view button style. You can do almost any thing with the button to look it like your theme.
You can change button background color, text color, button mouse hover color, button position, font size, padding etc.

Popup Style Settings

In Popup Style Settings you will get options for customize the quick view itself. You can set quick view width, background color, image area width and content area width. Also you can add custom CSS code here.

Advance Settings

WooCommerce lightbox PRO advance settings will allow you to set ajax support, option for opening the quick view on click the product title and image and disable the quickview button. You can also set number of characters to show in quickview content.

LightBox Button ShortCode

LightBox ShortCode you can show the LightBox button any where in your site. Like middle of the page content, sidebar or in a post etc.

LightBox Button ShortCode Output

As you can see our LightBox button is showing middle of the page content.