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Advance Pricing Table


Advance pricing table is a highly customizable , most advance , very easy and light weight WordPress Pricing Table Plugin.
Very easy to use and fully mobile device responsive. Supported with all kind of WordPress Themes.

Short Code Example:


[wpb-column col="4"]
[wpb-pricing-table theme="theme-3" plan_name="Private Plan" price="4" currency="$" period="Per Month" btn_text="Give a Try" btn_url="#" features="10 Users, Minimal Report, 100MB Data Storage, No Suppor" color="#fff"]

[wpb-column col="4"]
[wpb-pricing-table theme="theme-3" plan_name="Standard" price="29" currency="$" period="Per Month" btn_text="Purchase Now" btn_url="#" features="1K Users, Extensive Report, 1GB Data Storage, Forum Support" highlight="yes" color="#fff"]

[wpb-column col="4"]
[wpb-pricing-table theme="theme-3" plan_name="Professional" price="99" currency="$" period="Per Month" btn_text="Purchase Now" btn_url="#" features="Unlimited Users, Extensive Report, 10GB Data Storage, Forum & Ticket, Support" color="#fff"]


Shortcode Refarence:

IDAttributeDefault valueOptionsDescription
1themetheme-1theme-1, theme-2, theme-33 different theme available for pricing table
2plan_namePlan NameName of the plan
3price4Price of the plan
4currency$currency symbol
5periodPer MonthEx: Per Month/ Per year/ Weekly/ Monthly Etc.
6featuresResponsive design, Free update & support, Three different theme, Advance settingsComma separated features for this plan. Ex: 10 Users, Minimal Report, 100MB Data Storage, No Support, Single Agent.
7btn_textBuy NowPlan button text.
8btn_url button url.
9highlightyesOnly for theme-2 , If set yes plan will be highlighted.

Row Shortcode Referance:

1bgHex color code. Ex. #e74c3c
2primary_color#e74c3cHex color code. Ex. #e74c3c

Column Shortcode Referance :

1col4Plan column. Based on bootstrap grid system. Default value 4, that means 3 column.