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WPB WooCommerce Product Slider PRO

WPB WooCommerce Product slider Pro.

WPB WooCommerce Product Slider plugin Pro is one of the best product sliders for WooCommerce. It comes with seven different slider skins, advance slider shortcode builder, a custom widget for using the slider in sidebar etc. It supports the latest product slider, feature product slider, category product slider, product slider by specific product id, on sell product slider.

Features :

  • Flat design with hover animation.
  • Two Different Shortcode for Latest products & Feature Products slider.
  • Advance setting panel with two different type slider.
  • Full responsive and all modern browser support.
  • Very Lightweight. & many More.

Pro features:

  • Six different themes for product slider. New
  • Featured products slider form selected categories.
  • Product slider from specific categories of products. Include or exclude categories.
  • Product slider from specific tags of products. Include or exclude tags. New
  • Product slider from specific selected products.
  • Product slider form specific products by product SKU.
  • Product slider form on-sell products. New
  • Product slider form product attribute and attribute values. New
  • Product slider form best selling products. New
  • Product slider based on a keyword search. New
  • Product Slider by Author IDs. New
  • Product Slider by Product date query. New
  • Visual Composer support.
  • Advance shortcode generator. No more writing shortcodes New
  • Custom widget support, Now you can use product slider in your sidebar New
  • Control number of products to show in phone, tab, small screen.
  • YITH WooCommerce quick view, compare and wishlist plugin’s support added. New
  • Image height & width define feature
  • Product order & order-by.
  • Option for remove out of stock products form slider. New
  • RTL support. New
  • Well, documentation and support.

New Features:

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WooCommerce Products Slider form products attributes
WooCommerce Products Slider shortcode generator
WooCommerce Products Slider shortcods
WooCommerce Products Slider Theme Customizer
WooCommerce Products Slider Settings
WooCommerce Products Slider Themes

WPB WooCommerce Product Slider PRO FAQ

Product Image not showing, What to do?

Our plugin comes with a image cropping feature, with need define image width and height in slider shortcode. And uploaded product images size must be larger than the define size in shortcode.

But you can disable this cropping form this plugin settings. Go to this plugin settings > Slider Settings. Here you can turn off the Product Image Cropping. After disable this slider will take image size form WooCommerce settings . Go to WooCommerce settings > product > display > bellow the page you will see the options for images size.
Our slider image will use catalog image size. Also read the help text just top of that settings.

I buy the plugin, Can't download the file.

We use a very popular shopping cart for our site called Easy Digital Downloads. Some time this shopping cart make this problem.
If you face this problem, no worries. Please let us know. We will add this slider plugin to your WpBean account manually. Then you can download it also download the updates.

WPB WooCommerce Product Slider PRO Changelog

Initial Release

# Added new feature, Product slider form product attribute, and attribute values

# Added new feature, Product attribute slider\'s Visual Composer & our ShortCode builder support added.

# Added new features.
# Added four new theme for the slider. Total of six themes now.
# Theme style customizer.
# More powerful slider shortcode generator.
# Easier Visual Composer support for adding the generated shortcodes.
# Products slider form tags support added.
# YITH plugins support added.

# Added new features to the advanced settings.

# Added new features to show out of stock badge.

# Small bug fixed.

# New feature added to the shortcode generator for showing featured products slider form selected categories.

# Some new settings added in style customization.
# Small CSS issue fixed.

# Remove all inline scripts

# Added auto-updating system.
# Small bug fixed.

# Small bug fixed.

# Small bug fixed

# New option added in slider order by

# Added a new action hook : wpb_wps_after_slider_loop_item

# Small responsive issue fixed.

# Added a new feature. Best Selling Product Slider option added.

# Small issue fixed for latest WooCommerce 3.0

# New option added in the settings.

# Small bug fixed for product attribute slider

# Owl Carousel updated to the latest version.
# product_type: search_keyword, author, date_query added to the shortcode.
# Slider theme template structure added.

# Small issue fixed.

# performance improved.
# Minified all the scripts & only load the plugin scripts when a page has our slider shortcode.
# ShortCode generator updated for a large number of products.

# WooCommerce 3.0 featured products issue fixed.

# WordPress 4.9 and WooCommerce 3.2.3 support added.

# WordPress 4.9.4 and WooCommerce 33.3.1 support added.

# YITH Wishlist Premium support added.

# Multiple query argument support. For example, featured products from specific categories.

# Multisite support added.

# TemplateInvaders WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin Support Added.

# TemplateInvaders WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin style added for slider skin MARS.

# Slider autoplay speed and stop on hover enable/disable option added.

# Small issue fixed for template overriding.

# Performance and loading speed optimized.

# Small style issue fixed.

# WordPress 5.1.1 and WooCommerce 3.6.1 support added.

# WC Vendors plugin support added.
# Plugin updater class updated.
# WordPress 5.2.1 and WooCommerce 3.6.4 support added.

# Few style issue fixed.

# 500 error on update issue fixed.