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10+ Free/Premium Best WordPress Membership Plugins 2016

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Best WordPress Membership Plugins 2016
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Membership option plays an emergent role in every industry as well as in every business alike video tutorial website, online newspaper, discount shopping website, premium WordPress theme or plugin website and so on. A WordPress membership site could be a great way to monetize websites that share exclusive content, tutorials, discounts and a lot of features for their members.
Now I would like to turn the term into the best WordPress membership plugins 2016. In short, membership plugins are the tools that enable you to share the content with the individuals or member of your choice or with those who have obtained it.

If you wish to feature a members’ area to your website, and are using WordPress then you may be pleasantly shocked by a number of available best WordPress membership plugins 2016 out there to assist you to accomplish this.

In today’s post, I will cover a number of the best premium and free WordPress membership plugins to power up your membership website. The plugins can add all manner of functions and parts to your website, providing you with all the facility you wish to wow your users with an associate degree experience like no other.

Keep reading to get the most effective WordPress membership plugins for your website and obtain your website up and running nowadays.

Here the listing of Best WordPress Membership Plugins 2016:



With 60,000+ active installs and lots of add-ons, WP-Members is one amongst the first fashionable free WordPress membership plugin. Wp-Members is perhaps the first one in every of WordPress membership plugins that designed with the particular approach in mind.

  • It’s intended to support a website that contains one, core offering
  • It’s designed to figure with or without charging
  • It’s designed for the core offering to be content that you just defend
  • It’s designed to differentiate between members and non-members

In a nutshell, it has all the options you may have to be compelled to manage your members and therefore the content they can access.

Simple Membership


Simple Membership is another free one amongst the simplest WordPress membership plugins. It offers everything you would like for membership website. For example, it offers free and paid memberships, moreover as unlimited membership levels. You will hide all content; Otherwise, you will show teaser content to prompt users to register or login. It comes with translations in near about 20 languages, which makes a distinction if you would like a non-English membership website.



UserPro is a premium plugin that makes it straightforward to limit access to specific items of content or just create a clear-cut membership site. It offers excellent front-end user profiles, member directory, login and registration for WordPress.
That’s why UserPro offers you more than frontend profiles and registration system for WordPress. It’s merely an all-in-one plugin!


  • Produce a WordPress Community website with UserPro’s spectacular options like social connect and integration
  • Viral marketing
  • User badges
  • File transfer
  • Picture uploads with lightbox support
  • Responsive videos
  • Follow / Unfollow users
  • Verified accounts
  • Content restriction
  • Frontend publisher
  • Posts by user
  • Public / Private Activity Feed



PrivateContent plugin is a premium membership plugin and precisely that what would like. It permits you to feature multi-level login forms, user management options, user personal pages, and private areas to your website. Moreover, you will be able to limit access to all or any kinds of content including posts, pages, menu and even categories. PrivateContent has been purchased over seven thousand (7,000) times and costs $19 only.


  • Easy installation
  • Time-saving shortcodes
  • 1-click website lock to hide your cover entire website
  • Extendable
  • Public API
  • Translation ready with multi-language support and
  • Dedicated support employees

User Profiles Made Easy


User Profiles Made Easy (UPME) is fully responsive and works with any theme. This premium WordPress membership plugin can assist you to integrate login, registration further as front-end profiles to your WordPress website. With this plugin, you will be able to stop sending your users to the ugly back-end profile, registration, and login pages, and instead provide your users a seamless front-end experience on pages that match the rest of your website.
It has a buyer rating of 4.36/5.00, has been bought by over 6,500 users and can set you back $29 solely.

Ultimate Membership Pro


Ultimate Membership Pro features a good choice of tools, beginning with a fast and simple installation and a completely automated membership for straightforward payments, upgrade notifications, cancellations and a lot of. The membership access rules make sure that only paying members receive your content, and frontend login and user account areas are customizable and easy to put on the site.


  • Unlimited membership levels
  • Manage your members to check membership levels
  • Payment statuses
  • Partial content display
  • Members can bookmark certain pages on your website to come back later and access the simplest content

Custom Login & Access


This wonderful Custom Login & Access plugin from PressApps adds plenty of nice and helpful features to your WordPress membership website. The plugin’s key features include:

  • Style default WP login page
  • Add login, register, forgotten forms to a page
  • Front end profile edit
  • Modal login and register forms
  • Restrict front-end access for non-logged in users
  • Restrict WP dashboard access for subscriber level users
  • Redirect user after login and logout
  • Allow users to set their own secret password during registration
  • Create custom new user registration email
  • Set match captcha for login, register, and forgotten forms

The plugin has been bought by 1200+ users and costs $20 only.

Restrict Content PRO


Restrict Content Pro is one of the best premium content membership plugin out there WordPress membership plugins. It is helpful for a state of affairs where you have already got a large amount of content on your blog and you’ve determined to create the switch to packaging that content as a paid product. Locking down existing pages and posts to be viewable only be registered members is a breeze.
Since the plugin starts at $49 for a single site, there is also a free version of this plugin in WordPress plugin directory.

Paid Memberships PRO


Paid Memberships Pro could be a nice choice which will cost you nothing to get started with. Because this is totally a free WordPress membership plugin that you simply can begin using today in order to setup your own membership levels for serving to your members discover totally different content and if they will afford the payments.
There are also two premium options for this tool. The premium price plans will give you access support as well as documentation, premium content, and members-only forums, however apart from that, it’s the same functionality.

Membership 2


Membership 2 is another free and also the most user-friendly membership plugin for WordPress developed by WPMU DEV. Membership 2 puts the registration method on the site front end thus it’s inline along with your content rather than the native WP login page. It works with no modifications to your theme, however, it is scalable for users who need to customize the design and feel, or need to limit some content.
It’s a great tool for websites and conjointly offering a premium version Membership 2 Pro to its users, and is adaptable to a variety of applications.

Wrap Up

The WordPress Membership Plugins are definitely the most effective way to keep your content and other things like images, videos or files exclusive to you.

If you’re looking for a perfect membership plugin for your website, there is truly no perfect answer. It will depend on that which features you would like and also the complexity of your requirements.

The above are best available WordPress Membership Plugins for you that you can easily afford and with the features you require. However, there might be another tool as well, and if you’re using anything different from the above list, please share which plugin you’re using and why in the comments below.

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