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WPB WooCommerce Custom Tab Manager PRO Documentation

Delete the free version before installing the PRO version.

Installing :

Go to your site admin > navigate to Plugins > Add new. Upload the downloaded zip file here. Then active it.

Adding Custom Tabs:

For adding a new custom tab,  go to your site admin navigate to Tab menu > Add New Tab.


Here you will see a page like adding a new post. Add your custom tab title and content. You can also add tab subtitle & icon if you need. You can set your new tab priority. The priority is use for ordering the custom tab. The ordering will work lower to upper. That means the small number of priority will be shown first.

Bellow the tab priority you will see a checkbox for active or deactivate the custom tab. If you active it, the new tab will be shown to all the products you have. If you deactivate it new tab is not going to show, then you can set this tab for any product form product edit page. See the screenshot bellow –



If you want to show the new tab only for some selected products, you can set it form the tab edit page, Just select some products form the products select box. Make sure your tab is active.

Or even you can set the new custom tab for any product category or tags. Just check those checkboxes.


Product Edit Page Tab Options :

In your products edit page you will see a tab options box like the screenshot bellow –


Here you will see a check box for disable all the global tabs. If you want to set specific tabs for any products you can check this and select some tabs form the tab select box. There is a another checkbox to disable all the default WooCommerce tabs.

Form here you can override the default WooCommerce tabs as well. Just add your custom content. For additional information tab  make sure your product has additional information.

Update: We added two new ShortCode in this plugin for additional information & reviews. If you want to keep the default  additional information & reviews tabs content  and add some extra content just place the shortcode with your content. ShortCodes and example screenshot bellow –



Or you can add the following code to your theme functions.php file, it will add the default additional information with our custom additional information tab content.


Add variable content to the custom tab :

You may want to add a custom tab which content will be different for each products. Follow the instructions bellow for doing that –

First you have to add a custom text area meta box for the product. You can do that using custom code or any MetaBox plugin. I am going to demonstrate  here by a free plugin called  Advanced Custom Fields. Just install this plugin to your site and add a custom text area meta box to the product post type. Follow this plugin documentation for details about it. Now we have custom text area field in product edit page, and we have a field name / field key.


Now the second step. Go ahead and add a new custom tab. In new custom tab content area, add the following ShortCode.

[wpb_wctm_meta meta_key="your_meta_key_here"]

The meta_key parameter will be the field name / field key which we created with the advance custom fields plugin.
This shortcode accepts one more parameter called post_id, it’s a optional parameter. You can add this parameter to call any other post types meta fields value. By default if you not add this parameter the shortcode will look for the current product meta value.
Example :

[wpb_wctm_meta meta_key="your_meta_key_here" post_id="955"]

Here 955 is post id.

Everything is set now. Now form product edit page you can manage this custom tab content. The custom field content will be shown to the tab content. See the documentation video for details.



We added a custom textarea editor metabox field support in this plugin’s version 1.02.8. Go to this plugin settings and enable the custom textarea if you need.


After enabling the custom textarea go to the product edit page and you should see a custom textarea in the tab option box like the screenshot bellow. You can add your content here that you want to show in the custom tab. This field key is wpb_wctm_custom_textarea, Now go ahead and create a custom tab and add the following ShortCode in the tab content area.

[wpb_wctm_meta meta_key="wpb_wctm_custom_textarea"]


Tab Settings :

You can customize the tab output form tab settings.


Just read the fields help text for details.

Video Documentation:


Version 1.01 New Features :